Avoiding Diet Culture at the Holiday Table

The holidays bring lots of opportunities connect with friends and family. Read on to learn what types of comments may be causing more harm than good. Diet culture is everywhere; social media, magazines lining the check out line, television and in the way we communicate with one another. Diet culture proclaims, "Thinness is best!" 'Diet … Continue reading Avoiding Diet Culture at the Holiday Table

Healthy Fats: How to Eat More

A healthy diet includes fat! Check out this post for detailed information on the different types of dietary fat. Healthy fats are those that are rich in either monounsaturated or omega-3 fats. Healthy fat shopping list at the bottom of this post. Read on for some practical ways to incorporate more healthy fats into your … Continue reading Healthy Fats: How to Eat More

Food Safety 101

Millions of people become sick and thousands are hospitalized each year due to food borne illnesses. Luckily, practicing good food safety techniques will help to reduce your risk of developing food poisoning. Certain people are more at risk for developing food borne illnesses and need to be extra cautious. This includes older adults, infants and … Continue reading Food Safety 101